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Goodbye – (Elo-Star, – In Telegu language) India

After a rocky train ride which felt more like travelling on a boat we arrived at Secunderabad Junction at the end of the line, our final Indian destination. The last days in India have been spent in the city and we have celebrated with birthday of Pricilla, it’s her first birthday and they live in the downstairs room of the house we are staying in.

 The birthday girl sleep next to her older brother ‘Mani’.

Mani being fed by his dad

Both grandmothers

After 3 months we have visited 5 states, spoken some of the 4 languages, are now a pros at: using squat toilets, showering out of a bucket, washing clothes – (sometimes unintentionally with rice), sleeping on a tile floor, having no electricity, understanding the Indian voice, broken English and wobble of the head, bartering, crossing an Indian road, eating with your hands, saying ‘no problem’ to every question, driving a motorbike helmetless, driving with no indicators, handbrake or functional gear-stick, and most importantly trimming a moustache.

One of the last cups of tea (chia) being made, indian style.

It is now time to return and catch up with our homelands and enjoy the lovely, January British weather. This has certainly been a home away from home and we have made some lifelong friends, it has changed each one of us, definitely for the better.

 – In a month or so’s time the four of us hope to wrtie something about the whole trip with pictures which sets out clearly what we did I will try to upload this to the website but if this fails if you are intrested I can send you an email with it attached or by post please email me if you are intrested and once it is complete I will send it.

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