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The Indian experience so far is fairly inexplicable…it’s a chaotic mish-mash of colour, goats, took took, mopeds and many many a near death experience! Everything moves so fastĀ  and is so exciting! It’s going to be hard to go back to the safe and quiet UK. I’ve become quite attached to the beautiful chaos!

We rode a Took Took for an hour into the city to buy supplies/equipment for the children in the villages. I’m not entirely sure how to describe a Took Took…it’s a three wheeled transportation device which reminded me of a pedal car, but with a beefy motor which makes the noise of it’s name…tooktooktooktook.


By Melanie GardinerJoshua and Mackintosh aren't in the photo


  1. Auntie Susie

    Enjoyed seeing your photos of KL and glad you managed to go up the Petronas towers. I know what it’s like walking around in that heat!

    • admin

      We are looking after the old chap, he bearing up with us very well! We are well.. now.

      Good times here so far off to the poor villages in 2days time.

      GBWY back!

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